Hub Arkush gives update on Pro Football Weekly


On Aug. 15, Hub Arkush, analyst and owner of Pro Football Weekly (PFW), suffered a near-fatal heart attack while covering Bears training camp.

Four months later, he joined Pro Football Weekly alongside his son (Arthur), Dan Hampton, Dave Wannstedt and Pat Boyle at the NBC Sports Chicago studios. 

"I'm fine," Arkush said on PFW. "I should say physically I'm doing fine. Mentally, you lose memory with something I went through. It's gonna be a little while before I get back to 100 percent."

Arkush, 69, suffered a heart attack back in mid-August that left him on the sidewalk unconscious for an undetermined amount of time at Halas Hall. John Tarpey, Bears Vice President of Security, was on the scene quickly upon notice to perform CPR until paramedics arrived, according to a story from Shaw Media.

He was rushed to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where he underwent a seven-hour open heart bypass surgery, via the story. He spent two months there before rehabilitating for another few weeks with the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab.

Arkush ascertains, however, the pain his family experienced during the difficult span was much greater than he endured. 

"What I've learned about this is that when you through something like this, it's much harder on your family and friends than it is on you," Arkush said.

"And I hope that none of you ever have to suffer with a life-threatening experience. Be with your family, take care of them, do what you have to. Because it's just really been hard on them."

Family is not only what has helped him through his recovery, but how he got his start. 

Arkush's father, Arthur, started Pro Football Weekly in 1967. Hub joined the company in the late 1970s, without any intention of entering the world of journalism. 

Unfortunately, in 1979, Hub's father suffered a fatal heart attack while running on a path near Lake Michigan. Following his passing, Hub and his brother Dan took over the business.

Since then, the show has seen successful seasons covering the NFL and joined Shaw Media in 2014. His son Arthur is also an analyst on the show.

Along with PFW and reporting on the Bears, Arkush also contributes to WSCR 670 the Score. Between 1987-2004, he was a commentator on the Bears' radio network. 

Arkush is excited to return to work. But, he's taking his time with recovery. 

"I will be back," Arkush said. "We're already talking about the show for next year. I don't know if it'll be this year. They don't need me. They're doing an incredible job. I just can't thank you guys all enough for giving us a 37th year."

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