Jalen Ramsey starts trash talking with Bears fans early


The first week of the regular season is four months away, but Bears fans and Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey have already started trading jabs online.

It started when one cheeky person changed Darnell Mooney’s wikipedia page to say he’s Ramsey’s dad, a popular barb meaning Mooney gets the better of Ramsey on the field.

Well, word of the slight made its way to Ramsey himself, and he was having none of it.

Conventional wisdom says that Ramsey should shadow Bears No. 1 wide receiver Allen Robinson for most of the game. But it appears Ramsey has covered Mooney before, and this play in particular sparked this round of trash talk.

In the end though, Ramsey and the Rams got the last laugh, as they beat the Bears 24-10.

Mooney and the Bears get another crack at the Rams Week 1, in primetime, on Sunday Night Football.

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