NFL expert believes Packers trade Rodgers to Jets


As we go through another offseason of “Will he? Won’t he?” with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, buzz is growing that the future Hall of Fame quarterback won’t return to Green Bay this season. On Tuesday, Marcus Spears not only said he believes Rodgers is done with the Packers, he predicted where he’ll end up next.

“I expect Jordan Love to be the starting quarterback for the Packers next year,” Spears said on ESPN. “I expect Aaron Rodgers to end up in New York.”

After a hug from noted Jets fan Mike Greenberg, Spears continued to explain why he thought Rodgers would continue to follow in Brett Favre’s footsteps by shedding the green and gold for green and white.

“Ever since the owner said they would be in the market heavily, obviously you see the hires that was made, the history that they have with Aaron Rodgers, Nathaniel Hackett. I don’t think it’s smart to speculate anything else. We know what they loaded up for. “

Spears is alluding to the Jets hiring Hackett to be their next head coach. Hackett was the offensive coordinator for the Packers when Rodgers won his two most recent MVP awards. Of course, many believe the Broncos hired Hackett last year with the hopes it would help them land Rodgers. Instead they got Russell Wilson and nothing but disappointment.

But Spears also believes the Packers may just be done with all the drama that surrounds Rodgers seemingly every offseason.

“I have always thought that these dudes are tired of the year-in, year-out circus, and one of the things we’ve failed to talk about with Green Bay is that these cats are veterans. They’re in win windows.”

Spears also mentioned comments from high profile players, like Aaron Jones, who said on the “Around the NFL” podcast last week that Love would be ready to lead the team if it’s his time.

“They want to win championships,” Spears said. “They obviously want to get paid. But Aaron Jones knows as a running back, these widows close for me, rapidly. So I think him saying Jordan Love (is ready) is an absolute public acknowledgment that that is what they’re thinking.”

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