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One detail of Bears new stadium plan will be especially exciting to Montez Sweat

Sweat spoke about his stadium preferences on the 'Green Light with Chris Long' show

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Bears star pass rusher Montez Sweat is on board for one big piece of the team’s new stadium plans– no matter where the stadium ends up. On a recent episode of former Rams and Eagles star Chris Long’s podcast, “Green Light with Chris Long” (Yote House Media), Sweat professed his love for playing in domes.

“I’m gonna be honest, I like playing inside,” Sweat said on the show.

“I’m not opposed to playing outside. I’ve been playing football since (I was) a young dude, so that’s where it started. But do I feel like the league should build a bunch of domes and put grass in them? Yes.”

For the most part, Sweat believes that teams should grow real grass and install it inside, like the Arizona Cardinals do. But Sweat conceded his favorite playing surface is the artificial turf inside Dallas’ AT&T Stadium.

“On that turf, I felt like a track star.”

Good news for Sweat, the Bears have said many times that their next stadium will have an enclosed roof. So no matter if the Bears stay on the lakefront or move to the suburbs, he’ll get to attack opposing quarterbacks in nice climate controlled conditions.

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