Pace details where extension talks with ARob stand


Buried in today's disastrous press conference, Bears' GM Ryan Pace spoke briefly about where things stand with Allen Robinson. The wide receiver's contract is set to expire when the league year ends, and conversations about an extension have, you'll remember, not gone smoothly. When talking to media about his contract situation during the Bears' locker room clean out, not only did Robinson 'pleaded the fifth' when asked about potentially having the franchise tag placed on him, but he was candid about his disappointment with not getting something done yet. 

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"I don’t know how it will affect it or not," Robinson said in regards to his relationship with the team. "But at the same time, from my standpoint, I personally feel like we had an opportunity to be able to get something done over the past 365 days. But again, I don’t know that that really affects me too much as far as however things play out.”

The assumption had been that the two sides hadn't talked much since the start of the season, especially when Robinson said he was turning his attention to the regular season. When asked about where conversations stood, Pace told a slightly different story. 

"Those are all things that we gotta work through and I think about the list of things we need to talk about this offseason, obviously that’s a big decision and a big part of it," he said on Wednesday. "You know how we feel about Allen, how respected he is in the building. But to get into specifics on his contract, you guys also know I’m not going to get into that. In regard to the franchise tag, I would just say everything is on the table. The league gives us tools for a reason but right now we’re just going to keep all those talks internal out of respect to Allen, out of respect to his agent. I just think those are best handled in a private manner." 

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What does this mean? Nothing! Is there anything to be mined out of Pace's answer? Probably not! I don't mean to kick you all while you're down, but it certainly doesn't sound like Allen Robinson's future is in Chicago. But the culture remains strong as ever! 

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