Power Rankings Roundup: Eddy Piñeiro gets his victory lap


Thanks to Eddy Piñeiro (and Allen Robinson and Kyle Fuller and definitely someone else I'm forgetting) the Bears are 1-1, and much of Chicago's panic was diverted back onto the Cubs. The Power Rankings were generous enough to the Bears, but the offensive concerns remain. Eddy P got a lot of love too: 

NBC Sports Chicago – #11
The Bears' defense continues to show no signs of regression and while Mitch Trubisky hasn't been great, Chicago's ability to rally back and defeat the Broncos on a last-second kick by Eddy Pineiro could be the springboard the team needed to reach its full potential. 

NFL.com – #9 
How can you not feel happy for Eddy Pineiro? Bears coach Matt Nagy waged psychological warfare with his kickers all summer, showing an almost maniacal determination to find someone with the physical ability and mental resolve not to double-doink it when it matters most. 

ESPN.com – #14
Are you kidding me? Kicker Eddy Pineiro by a landslide. The Bears spent the entire offseason searching for a kicker, and it turns out, after two games, they might have their guy. 

Bleacher Report – #11
The Bears may have gotten the W against the Broncos, but this team looks little like the 12-4 squad that won the NFC North in 2018. For the second week in a row, the Bears failed to tally even 275 yards of total offense. Quarterback Mitchell Trubisky threw for just 120 yards.

Yahoo Sports – #14
The offense is broken. The crazy last-second win saves a lot of grief for the next week, but Chicago isn’t going anywhere unless the offense gets significantly better. 

Sports Illustrated – #16
The Bears celebrated Eddy Piñeiro’s 53-yard game-winner like it was the Super Bowl. Imagine what they’ll do if Trubisky throws a touchdown pass.

CBS Sports – #17
Was that a season-saving kick against the Broncos? If they fell to 0-2, that's a tough way to start for a team most see as a Super Bowl contender. The offense doesn't do enough.

USA Today – #19
QB Mitch Trubisky's 25-yard pass to set up Sunday's game-winning FG at gun was clutch — and maybe only good play he's had the entire season.

Chicago Tribune – #15
The defense played well, but the offense and quarterback Mitch Trubisky continue to struggle as the team has one touchdown through two games. Allen Robinson is the only wide receiver making plays in the passing game and there has been very little vertical action downfield.

Sporting News – #19
The Bears also can breathe a sigh of relief after surviving the last-minute Mile High craziness against the Broncos. Go figure: Their offense and defense were saved by the kicker this time.

FanSided – #12
If Mitchell Trubisky doesn’t get exponentially better, the Bears are in huge trouble.

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