Quinn breaks Richard Dent's single-season sack record


It’s official. With 18 sacks, Robert Quinn is now the Chicago Bears franchise record holder for most sacks in a single season. Quinn beat Andrew Thomas and a tight end chip to drop Mike Glennon and etch his name into the history books.

Quinn passed Bears legend Richard Dent, who had 17.5 sacks in 1984. Dent, who now ranks second, also holds the No. 3 spot with 17 sacks in 1985.

“Richard Dent is a household name around here,” Quinn said last week. “To even be in that same conversation, it’s an honor… To look back on it, to think on it, it’s definitely an honor, a blessing. For where I came from last year to now is just一 from the guys just still believing in me, giving me another chance to re-prove myself. So luckily I had the backing of the guys in the locker room, so it made this year a little bit easier.”

“He takes a lot of pride in his craft,” said Sean Desai earlier this season. “He cherishes every moment that he gets, whether it’s a practice rep or a game rep. He tries to optimize all of those. That’s kind of who he is. He goes at 1,000 miles per hour every day. You’ve seen the fruits of his labor.”

Breaking a single-season record is always an incredible feat, but for Quinn it’s even more remarkable given how much he struggled to produce in 2020. Last year, Quinn admitted he had a tough time adjusting to a new team in the middle of a pandemic. That played a role in his paltry 2.0 sack season after signing a five-year, $70 million contract.

For his efforts, Quinn was recognized with Pro Bowl honors. It’s Quinn’s third Pro Bowl nomination.

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