Report: Bears offering ‘$15-16 million' per year for ARob


Remember when the Bears miraculously came from 17 points down to beat a division rival on the road in the first game of the season? Neither do I! 

Since then, not only have their messy negotiations with their best offensive player become public, but the team's kicking off their weekend with a *very* visible spat with the city's mayor. And in regards to the former, things are actually getting worse! ESPN's Dan Graziano wrote a piece on where contract negotiations with Allen Robinson stand, and reader, take a few deep breaths first: 

"According to sources familiar with the situation, the Bears are looking at the recent Cooper Kupp extension with the Rams as their comparison, meaning they're in the $15 million-to-$16 million-per-year range," Graziano writes. "Robinson is thinking more along the lines of Odell Beckham Jr. or Tyreek Hill, who are in the $18 million-per-year range. Keenan Allen, age 28, just signed a third contract with the Chargers for four years and a reported $20 million per year, and don't think that's not on Robinson's mind here. Robinson (98 catches for 1,147 yards and seven touchdowns) and Allen (104 - 1,199 -6) had similar statistical lines a season ago, and Allen has also had injuries in his past." 

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What a mess. Graziano goes on to say that the franchise tag is still "looming" and that while Robinson is hesitant to be tagged (duh), his preference "by all accounts, is to do an extension with the Bears and stay in Chicago."

So basically Allen Robinson wants to stay in Chicago, and the Bears want Allen Robinson to stay in Chicago – but not if it means paying him $2-3 million more per season than they'd be comfortable with. Honestly, the weirdest part about this whole thing is that the Bears aren't a cheap organization. They spend a lot of money! On Jimmy Graham! And Robert Quinn! And Nick Foles! But Allen Robinson at $18 million per year is apparently the line. OK!


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