Rodgers to Bears fans: ‘I still own you'


Aaron Rodgers just grinds our gears. He's tormented the Chicago Bears for years and after scoring a touchdown late in the fourth quarter to give the Packers a 10-point lead, he had some choice words for the fans at Soldier Field.

"I've owned you all my f**king life. I own you. I still own you. I still own you," Rodgers yelled.

To be honest, that just hurts. We know you do Rodgers, we're haunted by it.

“I love it. That’s A-Rod. I love it. What can you say? He’s right,” Packers running back Aaron Jones said after the game.

Rodgers said his comment were in response to a Bears fan in the stands flipping him the double birds combined with being caught up in the competition in the moment. 

“Sometimes you black out on the field, in a good way,” Rodgers said after the game.

Rodgers continued: "I looped up in the stands and in the front row, all I saw was a woman giving me the double bird.

"So I'm not sure exactly came out of my mouth next."

He was complimentary of Chicago once again afterward too and noted he told Bears rookie quarterback Justin Fields to enjoy the rivalry, calling it special.

Needless to say, Bears fans and media had a lot of thoughts on it.

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