Rodgers wanting to play for Jets won't surprise Schefter


The Aaron Rodgers stand off could be coming to an end soon.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback is going on the Pat McAfee show today to express his intentions for the 2023 season. Will he retire? Will he ask for a trade to the New York Jets? Will he return to the Packers?

"I will not be surprised if Aaron Rodgers tells Pat McAfee, yes, that he wants to play for the Jets," ESPN's NFL insider Adam Schefter said on Get Up. "But as you've been saying all week long, there are layers to this whole situation."

But wanting a trade, and being traded are very different things.

"It's not a simple decision of Aaron Rodgers just saying, 'okay, I want to play for the Jets' and snap your finger. You're put out of your misery, Greeny, and it's done," Schefter told host Mike Greenberg. "It's more complicated than that."

There are still a checklist of things that need to happen to actually trade Rodgers to the Jets, including restructuring his contract and coming up with trade compensation that will satisfy the Packers.

And that could be where the hang up is.

"My understanding is that within the Packers organization, they felt that he was worth a package that was similar to the one that the [Los Angeles] Rams once got for Matthew Stafford, which is multiple (first-round draft picks," Schefter said.

"Now, if you're the New York Jets, you don't want to have to trade multiple (first-round draft picks) for a 39 year-old quarterback who's on a year-to-year basis and you don't know how long you will have his services.

"So the Jets have to figure out what they're willing to pay."

Schefter also highlighted the Jets trade with the Packers for Brett Favre as the starting point for what the Jets would be comfortable with.

"The man sitting in the studio once made a trade for Brett Farve, and I believe he surrendered a conditional fourth-round draft pick that could have been a third or a second," Schefter said. "And I think the Jets would be much more comfortable surrendering to Mike Tannenbaum package for Brett Farve than what the Packers would like back for Aaron Rodgers today."

Those are two very opposite ends of the draft spectrum. From multiple first-round picks to a conditional third day pick.

Schefter cautions trade negotiations can take time. Restructuring Rodgers contract could take time. Not to mention hitting all the items on Rodgers' shopping list.

"I'm just telling you, it certainly seems like Aaron Rodgers wants to play," Schefter said. "The Jets we know absolutely want him. And it's up to figuring out all the other layers that come with this."

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