Sad 49ers fan drenched in hilarious scene after loss to Bears


When it rains, it pours. Just ask this unfortunate 49ers fan on Sunday afternoon at Soldier Field. 

Not only did this fan have to watch his team fail to capitalize on numerous opportunities to put away the Chicago Bears in the 49ers' 19-10 loss, but it appears he might have lost something else during the torrential downpour in Chicago. 

Searching for something in what appears to be a popcorn bucket underneath a rapid torrent, the fan eventually gives up and dumps out the entire thing in disgust. 

However, it isn't clear what the fan was looking for and if he found it, but it's fair to say that both the fan and the 49ers want to forget about Sunday. 

By all accounts, Sunday's loss to the Bears was frustrating, leading Nick Bosa and coach Kyle Shanahan to say the game was "annoying" and "disappointing," respectively. 

At any rate, expect the fan and the 49ers to be in better shape come Week 2's matchup against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday at Levi's Stadium.

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