Seahawks defensive end calls Mitchell Trubisky “average quarterback” after loss


Shortly Seattles' 24-17 loss last night, Seahawks defensive end offered a less-than-shining reivew of Bears QB Mitchell Trubisky: 

He also added: 

“I felt that we should make more plays against him,” Clark said. “Pressure is his downfall; the more you can get pressure up the middle and in his face, and he throws those errant passes like that, that’s how you can beat him. We failed to do that enough against him.

Clark did get to Trubisky, notching a sack on the night.

It was by no means Trubisky's strongest performance, but it can get a lot worse than finishing 25-of-34 for 200 yards with a pair of touchdowns and interceptions in a winning effort. 

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