Tashaun Gipson: Matt Nagy hasn't lost locker room


Bad teams and dysfunctional locker rooms are nothing new to the NFL. Every year there are really bad teams, and every few years you hear of players tuning out head coaches. Just ask Tashaun Gipson. Before coming to the Bears he played for the Browns and Jaguars, and in all has experienced six losing seasons over his 10 year career. When asked to go over some of the craziest things he’s seen in bad locker rooms, Gipson did what he does best in press conferences and added a bit of levity.

“Oh man, do y’all have enough time for that?”

But the main point Gipson made was, as bad as things are for the Bears now, the locker room hasn’t been totally lost, yet.

“I think everybody in the locker room love playing for Nagy,” Gipson said.

Even with rumors buzzing through Chicago that Matt Nagy could be fired after the team’s Thanksgiving game against the Lions, Gipson said he and his teammates were remaining focused on the task at hand, not the outside noise.

“I don't see any distractions on that tip of guys talking about what they heard or what's going on,” Gipson said. “We're just itching to win a football game. And I think that's more so of the conversations that's being had.

“The energy is business as usual.”

One of the factors Gipson cited for the locker room staying together was its experience. With so many veterans on the roster, Gipson says there’s been good leadership among the players to keep things from falling apart. Again, that’s unlike some of the other teams he’s played on.

“This is not that,” Gipson said. “Nowhere near that. I think guys are still focused on winning football games.”

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