What are the loudest NFL stadiums?


Sports fans are often rowdy and rambunctious, but NFL fans are a whole different breed. 

NFL fans are some of the most dedicated fans known to sports and this has been an asset for teams for generations. Whether it’s the cheerleaders or the tens of thousands of people cheering in the stands, football is not football without fans. 

With the 2022 season just beginning, let’s take a look at which NFL stadiums are currently the loudest:

What are the loudest NFL stadiums?

Here are the top 10 loudest NFL stadiums, currently:

10. Gillette Stadium

Located in Foxborough, Mass., the home of the New England Patriots makes the top 10 loudest NFL stadiums to date. And it's no surprise considering the Pats have produced and showcased some of the best players in the NFL, including the iconic Tom Brady

Opened in 2002 to replace the original Foxboro Stadium, Gillette seats 65, 878 fans. The decibel level, which is how we measure sound, once reached a high of 106.4 in 2011.

9. AT&T Stadium

Formerly known as Cowboys Stadium, AT&T Stadium is located in Arlington, Texas and is home to the Dallas Cowboys. Fans pour into these stands each and every game and the noise level exceeds most stadiums like it.

The stadium, which opened its doors in 2009, seats approximately 87,000 fans. However, with its extra standing-room-only area, the stadium can actually fit closer to 100,000 on a day where it’s needed.

The average sound level of the arena is 87 decibels.

8. Acrisure Stadium

Located in the North Shore neighborhood of Pittsburgh and home of the Steelers, Acrisure Stadium is also one of the rowdiest residences for the National Football League. 

What was formerly known as Heinz Field, until 2022, now holds 68,400 fans. But even though the stadium capacity is smaller than venues like AT&T Stadium, the loudness remains the same. A fan once clocked the sound measurement to be 90 decibels.

7. U.S. Bank Stadium

Home of the Minnesota Vikings, U.S. Bank Stadium is located in the heart of downtown Minneapolis. The stadium opened its doors in 2016 and was built in replacement of the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome. And since that expansion, the fans noticeably got louder.

Despite having only 66,000 seats, the stadium holds approximately 73,000 spectators because of its immense outdoor space and clubs.

The peak loudness level was measured at 120.1 decibels, and according to Purdue scientists, that is similar to the level of noise made by a chainsaw.

6. Lucas Oil Stadium

Opened in 2008 in replacement of the RCA Dome, Lucas Oil Stadium serves as the current home to the Indianapolis Colts. It is located in downtown Indianapolis and seats approximately 70,000 fans per game.

Though the decibel level only reaches about 86, the loudness still tops most stadiums. Clearly Colts fans are some of the most rambunctious. 

5. State Farm Stadium

Just west of Phoenix, State Farm Stadium is the home to the Arizona Cardinals and the annual Fiesta Bowl. The arena replaced Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe when it opened its doors in 2006. It holds approximately 63,400 rowdy Cardinals fans on every occasion.

Here, the decibel level has hit up to 130 decibels, and this is noticeably more than most stadiums of this size.

4. Lambeau Stadium

Home to the Green Bay Packers, Lambeau Stadium is located right in Green Bay, Wis. The stadium has been standing for quite a long time, opening its doors in 1957. It replaced the original City Stadium, which was located at Green Bay East High School and served as the Packers’ home.

The stadium holds 81,441 spectators, and though it is one of the oldest NFL arenas, it is also one of the loudest – maxing at about 123 decibels

3. Caesars Superdome

Also posing as one of the oldest NFL arenas in history, Caesars Superdome opened in 1975, however it was formerly known as the Mercedes Benz Superdome. 

Located in the heart of the Central Business District in New Orleans, the stadium serves as the home of the New Orleans Saints and seats approximately 75,295 spirited fans.

In 2013, the arena set a Guinness book record as the loudest stadium when the loudness level reached 136.6 decibels during a game against the Niners.

2. Lumen Field

The home of the Seattle Seahawks has seen quite a few names in its day. At first the arena was called Seahawks Stadium when it opened its doors in 2002. In 2011, the arena was renamed CenturyLink, and in 2020 the stadium was rebranded to be called Lumen Field. 

The stadium seats approximately 72,000 spectators and has been widely regarded as one of the loudest arenas – it once hit 137.6 decibels during a 2013 game.

1. Arrowhead Stadium 

Finally, the very loudest of all NFL stadiums to date is the home of the Kansas City Chiefs. Located right in Kansas City, Mo., Arrowhead holds a total capacity of about 77,000 spectators. 

The stadium currently holds the Guinness World Record for loudest open outdoor air stadium. It hit a record of 142.2 decibels during a 2014 game where only 76,416 fans showed up. This sound was equivalent to a jet engine.

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