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Who will wear No. 13 jersey for Bears in 2024? The answer isn't so simple

Several players could make a claim on the jersey number

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Who will wear No. 13 for the Bears in 2024? It may seem like a silly question, but there’s not a clear answer– and money could shift hands based on the outcome.

As things stand, Tyler Scott rocks No. 13 for the Bears, but it seems unlikely that will be his number when the Bears regroup for minicamps and OTAs this summer. Instead, the (un)lucky number will probably be donned by one of the new coming offensive weapons.

Option one is presumptive No. 1 overall pick Caleb Williams, who wore No. 13 both at Southern Cal and Oklahoma. If (when) the Bears select Williams, ensuring he gets whatever he needs to succeed will be the franchise’s primary focus, because if Williams succeeds, team success will follow. And if Williams tells Scott he wants No. 13, it can probably be arranged.

However, wide receiver Keenan Allen also wore No. 13 for the Chargers. He could play the veteran card over the incoming rookie and second year player if he really wants to retain the number. All it should take is a little cash.

It’s worth mentioning neither Williams, Allen nor Scott seem like the types of people who would make a fuss over a jersey. There should not be any bad blood over who gets No. 13 and who has to switch numbers. Of course both Allen and Williams could decide to wear a new number for their new beginning, and this could all be moot.

Number swaps happen all the time in the NFL when new players join the team. For instance, Cairo Santos switched from No. 2 to No. 8 last year so that DJ Moore could keep the same number that he wore in Carolina. Similarly, Dominique Robinson switched from No. 91 to 90 when Yannick Ngakoue arrived.

Not all jersey swap transactions are the same, but often the player taking on the number will send a nominal amount of cash to the player who’s passing it along.

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