Why Michael Irvin says Bears must target offensive coach


It goes without saying that this offseason is incredibly important for the Bears. Not only do they need to find a new general manager and head coach, but they also need a plan for Justin Fields. While there are ways around it, it seems the quickest way to success for the franchise is to develop him into a superstar QB as quickly as they can, while building a championship-caliber roster around him. Fortunately for the team, Hall of Famer and three-time Super Bowl champion Michael Irvin believes Fields has the makings of a great quarterback.

“When I look at a young quarterback, one of the things that I'm always trying to ascertain is how does he handle adversity?” Irvin said in an interview with WGN TV. “I thought Justin Fields showed us exactly how he handled adversity. You know, he gets back up and he goes at it again, because the adversity for a quarterback can sometimes break them mentally, if they're not careful. But he's not that kind of guy. As he said earlier this season, he's built for it. So I would like to see him continue to get that opportunity to progress.”

Which goes back to the importance of the decisions the Bears have in front of them, regarding their next leaders. In that regard, Irvin said he would like to see the Bears take a specific path.

“I would like to see Chicago go find a great offensive minded head coach that can teach him how to play the game, and then build a game around his skill set.”

The Bears do have several candidates on their reported interview list who fit that bill. Brian Daboll of the Buffalo Bills has helped Josh Allen become one of the premiere talents in the league. Byron Leftwich has had a hand in developing the potent Bucs’ offense, and has spent the last two seasons working with Tom Brady. The same could be said about Nathaniel Hackett and his work with the Packers and Aaron Rodgers.

So far, we’ve only heard of the Bears reaching out to the defensive-minded Matt Eberflus for a second interview, but the team is still in the middle of conducting their preliminary interviews.

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