Connor Bedard

Connor Bedard's dad reacts to the start of his son's season with the Blackhawks

Tom Bedard spoke with NBC's Mike Berman before the Blackhawks' home opener

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Saturday's Blackhawks' game against the Golden Knights represents the team's first home game at the United Center of the season.

And the Madhouse on Madison is riddled with Connor Bedard, No. 98 sweaters.

"It's hard to believe. It's amazing. There was a bit of that in Regina, but not quite to this level," Bedard's dad, Tom, said to NBC's Mike Berman before the game.

Bedard's family has made it out to most, if not all, of his games thus far this season. There have been many broadcasted reactions from the family grimacing at the hope of their son's shots hitting the back of the net.

Only one has hit the net so far, by way of a wrap-around goal against the Boston Bruins during his second career game. He hasn't staved away from shooting. He just hasn't been able to net as many as he'd like to.

"He seems to be pretty good. He'd like to be contributing a little more offensively," Bedard's dad said. "He's had a few looks. He's been a little unlucky. Hopefully, that works itself out. But so far he's been fine. He's more about what he's doing himself not what other people are saying because he can't control that. He can control, hopefully, himself on the ice."

Well, he contributed during the Hawks' home opener. He scored the team's first home goal of the season.

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