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Kyle Davidson shares his hilarious perspective from being interviewed on the street

The interviewers still didn't believe Davidson when he told them he was the general manager of the Hawks

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f you bumped into Chicago Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson, would you know it? Or would you share some casual hockey talk, while completely oblivious?

That’s exactly what happened when guys from Penalty Box Radio ran into “Kyle from Chicago” on the streets of Nashville ahead of Wednesday night’s NHL Draft, without knowing it was Davidson. 

Check out the hilarious video:

After the draft, Davidson shared his hilarious side of the story.

"I was just walking down Broadway," Davidson said. "It was pretty early this morning, so it wasn't busy at all. Jeff Greenberg and I were on a walk just trying to get out of the hotel and those four walls we've been coupled in for the last couple of days.

"They had asked me if I wanted to interview and I was like 'No, thanks.' I think I made the comment to Jeff like 'Ah, it's kinda funny they had no clue who we are, what we do.' I was like 'You know what, I'm going back.'

"So I went back. It's funny. I had to wait for two people to finish interviewing who were wearing (Patrick) Kane and (Brandon) Saad jerseys. They didn't recognize me either. It was probably the backward hat and the freshly shaven face."

Davidson mentioned he was nervous about answering the question about how many hockey players he could name in 20 seconds. He mentioned he comically left out Brian Campbell, who works with him in the Blackhawks' front office, and Patrick Sharp.

Davidson was also nervous he wouldn't be able to impressively name a lot of players, and once they found out who he was they would hilariously question his abilities as a general manager.

For what it's worth, Davidson rattled off 17 different players when asked to name as many hockey players as possible in 20 seconds, including some deep cuts like Michael Rozsíval and Bryan Bickell.

“Most of those were 2010-2013 Blackhawks. Were you watching the team then?” asked Penalty Box, of course not knowing that Davidson got a chance to hold the cup over his head since he was working as a hockey administration coordinator for the Blackhawks at the time.

In the end, they still didn't believe him.

"As soon as it cut, I just said 'Hey, by the way, I'm Kyle Davidson, I'm the GM of the Chicago Blackhawks.' And he was just like … I think he just gave me like a sideways look like 'Yeah, whatever buddy.' They probably just looked me up afterward," Davidson said.

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