Nick Foligno

Former Bears star has hilarious reaction to his doppelganger, Nick Foligno

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The Chicago sports world has a new doppelganger situation on its hands.

To promote Monday's Blackhawks broadcast against the Toronto Maple Leafs, NBC Sports Chicago posted a graphic that featured winger Nick Foligno to its social media accounts. Fans, though, quickly noticed something about Chicago's offseason acquisition.

He looks a lot like former Chicago Bears star Kyle Long.

The three-time NFL Pro Bowler reposted the graphic with a stamp of approval for his newly discovered lookalike.

"Wasn’t familiar with this dudes work but I’m all in," Long said of Foligno on the social media platform, X.

Upon closer inspection, Foligno and Long aren't a total spitting image, but there are a few distinct physical characteristics that the two certainly share.

Both are bald-headed bright-eyed beauties with thick, dark facial hair.

On the other hand, Long has roughly 100 pounds on Foligno and stands about six inches taller.

Nevertheless, it's always fun when figures in the Chicago sports extended universe collide.

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