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Hilarious video: podcast interviews Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson without knowing it

'Kyle from Chicago' knows more about hockey than he lets on

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If you bumped into Chicago Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson, would you know it? Or would you share some casual hockey talk, while completely oblivious. That’s exactly what happened when guys from Penalty Box Radio ran into “Kyle from Chicago” on the streets of Nashville ahead of Wednesday night’s NHL Draft, without knowing it was Davidson. 

Check out the hilarious video:

Davidson opens with some self-deprecating humor, evaluating his hockey IQ at a four out of 10.

“Fan of the sport, I don’t know, some people say I don’t know too much,” Davidson quipped.

After hearing that answer it’s no surprise the interviewer was impressed when Davidson rattled off 17 different players when asked to name as many hockey players as possible in 20 seconds, including some deep cuts like Michael Rozsíval and Bryan Bickell.

“Most of those were 2010-2013 Blackhawks. Were you watching the team then?” asked Penalty Box, of course not knowing that Davidson got a chance to hold the cup over his head since he was working as a hockey administration coordinator for the Blackhawks at the time.

The video ended with Davidson providing a simple answer to a simple question: Do you think the NHL rigged the draft lottery so that Bedard would land in Chicago?


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