Connor Bedard

Podcast: Blackhawks 2023 NHL Draft guide and preview

Pat, Charlie and James preview the 2023 NHL Draft for the Blackhawks, who are slated to have 11 picks, including the No. 1 overall selection

Connor Bedard is expected to be the No. 1 overall pick. But who else could the Blackhawks target?

On the latest Blackhawks Talk Podcast, Pat Boyle, Charlie Roumeliotis and James Neveau preview the 2023 NHL Draft for the Blackhawks. Will they be able to trade up from No. 19 overall? What are the odds they acquire a third first-round pick? Is this the year the Blackhawks will draft a goaltender? The guys discuss all that and more.

1:00 - It's Connor Bedard Week

2:30 - What are the chances the Blackhawks acquire a third first-round pick?

9:05 - Who could the Blackhawks target at No. 19 overall?

19:10 - Will the Blackhawks draft a goaltender this year?

24:45 - Where will Matvei Michkov be drafted?

30:15 - Patrick Kane looks to be ahead of schedule after undergoing hip surgery three weeks ago

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