Sky's Parker says Green-Poole fights happen a lot in WNBA


Chicago Sky's Candace Parker wasn't too surprised hearing about Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green punching teammate Jordan Poole during a practice earlier this month.

"Obviously, I think that there's a place and a time for it and, you know, do emotions get the best of us sometimes? Absolutely," Parker told Insider's Meredith Cash. "But it is a part of it, and it's about dealing with it with the team and not having to explain to everyone.

"And I think that's what Golden State was trying to accomplish."

Green and Poole's fight has been making headlines for the Warriors, who open their season Tuesday against the Los Angeles Lakers at Chase Center.

The punch happened on October 5 after an argument between the two caused Poole to shove Green in the chest.

Green responded by punching Poole in the face and was fined for the incident. He publicly apologized and Poole responded by saying he's focused on winning another championship.

Parker said that physical altercations like Green and Poole's happen a lot in the WNBA as well.

"The toughest teams I've ever been on — and by toughest I mean the hardest to play in the environment — are when people don't say what needs to be said," Parker said. "You know, I would almost rather a blow up, and then we're able to solve the problem, versus people being quiet in meetings and not saying how they really feel or expressing themselves.

"Those are the teams that lose."

Parker believes that things can get more heated between players who are more competitive and have the passion to fight for what's best for the team.

The "NBA on TNT" analyst referenced episode eight of the ESPN docuseries "The Last Dance" when Chicago Bulls icon Michael Jordan punched teammate Steve Kerr — now head coach of the Warriors — during a practice before the 1995-96 season.

"The teams that usually are fighting for things or upset or whatever usually are playing for something and usually are winning," Parker said.

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