Kris Bryant welcomes Authentic Fan to Wrigley


Faith Kuhn finally got to meet her favorite baseball player Kris Bryant, after the Cubs superstar saw her video with Astros 3rd baseman Alex Bregman, as Faith and her family made the trip to Wrigley Field earlier this week. 

Faith is a 12-year-old native from Albuquerque, New Mexico who was born with spina bifida who has undergone almost 20 surgeries. Faith loves baseball and Bryant is her favorite player, so the Astros Bregman connected the two and they finally got to meet this past Monday. 

Bryant took Faith and her family on a tour of Wrigley Field, which featured a stop in the batting cages, a tour of the clubhouse, and she was given a personalized Cubs jersey. Of course, Bregman checked in on Faith later in the day via FaceTime, who was all smiles as he watched Faith watch her hero play Monday night. 

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