Guillén, Garfien host White Sox Reddit AMA on air


Following Wednesday's 3-0 loss against the Colorado Rockies, "The Legend" Ozzie Guillén and White Sox pregame/postgame host Chuck Garfien answered fan questions live on the "Ask Us Anything" segment. Questions were submitted through the White Sox subreddit community.

Here are some of the questions and answers that aired on the postgame show:

How much is hitting approach influenced by the hitting coach versus the manager? u/FWdem

Ozzie: Greg Walker was our hitting coach (in 2005). Everything, every time somebody had a bad day, they won't fire Greg Walker. Mochachino my friend (Frank Menechino, current hitting coach). Nobody even mentioned everything is Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony, but nobody really say 'hey, what's going on with the offense?' Well, they have to blame somebody. Always coaches and managers take the blame for the wrong thing. When you win, you are the best manager. No, you're not the best manager. You have good players. We've got a good team. And that's the reason, that's why it's very hard to be a good manager, a good coach.

If the Sox were able to sneak into the playoffs, do you think they have a chance to do any damage? u/Illinifan89

Ozzie: I wish they could. I don't believe it because every time we face a good ball club, we not playing well. We not hitting well. But I remember Tony La Russa went to the playoffs with the worst team numbers-wise. It was with St. Louis, I think the World Series and they win everything. Having almost get into the playoffs, and you never know. When the playoffs start, everything start over. You don't know who's gonna be the winner.

Chuck: That Cardinals team, they got hot at the right time. For them to do that, TA's gonna have to come back, right, and be healthy. Robert's gonna have to be healthy. I mean they gotta be clicking, clicking.

Ozzie, who is more satisfying to yell at? Umps or the media? u/YoStephen

Ozzie: I can yell to the media every time cause I not paying anything. Every time I yell to the umpires, couple thousand dollars out of my pocket. Easy as that. 

Watch the full AMA segment with Ozzie and Chuck here.

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