Miguel Cairo ejected from White Sox-Twins opener


Acting White Sox manager Miguel Cairo was ejected from Tuesday's series opener against the Twins.

Cairo was tossed after arguing a check swing call in the sixth inning. White Sox starter Lance Lynn threw an 0-0 cutter on the edge of the strike zone to Minnesota's Matt Wallner that was called a ball.

Third base umpire Brennan Miller then ruled on an appeal Wallner checked his swing.

Wallner hit a two-run homer two pitches later, which led Cairo to go to the bullpen. On his way to get the ball from Lynn, he exchanged words with Miller and was ejected.

"I think he swung, and it was a strike too," Cairo told reporters in Minnesota. "The third base umpire missed, and the umpire at home plate missed the pitch.

"But we're humans. They're humans. People make mistakes."

Cairo and home plate umpire Jansen Visconti also had an exchange on Cairo's walk back to the dugout, as seen on the NBC Sports Chicago broadcast.

Wallner's home run gave the Twins a 4-0 lead, the game's final score.

The White Sox tallied just two hits as their late-season slide continued. They've lost seven straight games to drop to 76-78, one game ahead of the Twins for second in the AL Central.

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