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Report: White Sox Dylan Cease trade talks picking up again. The latest from spring training

The White Sox ace was dominant in front of several scouts on Tuesday night

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Trade talks for White Sox ace Dylan Cease have picked up again, per Ken Rosenthal. In a report published on Tuesday night, Rosenthal pointed to indications that the White Sox are starting to get more serious about trading their top starting pitcher. In particular, Rosenthal reported conversations between the White Sox and the Rangers.

“Two sources briefed on the talks confirmed the teams engaged in recent discussions,” Rosenthal wrote.

According to Rosenthal, the White Sox are asking for a return somewhere in the range of these three players: utility man Ezequiel Durán, RHP Brock Porter and RHP Jack Leiter.

The Rangers are getting ready to defend their World Series title, but their rotation is banged up heading into the season. Max Scherzer is still recovering from surgery he had in December to fix a herniated disc in his back. Jacob deGrom and Tyler Mahle are each rehabbing after Tommy John surgeries, too. The need for a starter to fill in the gaps, coupled with Cease’s affordable contract and two years of club control could lead the Rangers to meet the White Sox’ price.

Cease is trying not to focus on the trade rumors that continue to swirl as he and the rest of the White Sox gear up for the regular season in spring training.

“It’s something that’s happening, but it’s not something I’m overly concerned with,” Cease said about the rumors.

“At this point it’s happened so many times over the past couple of months that it really kinda feels like noise. But I definitely see what’s being said. People send me stuff and all that. But I don’t know, I feel like if I was overly focused on that it would be hard to perform, so I just prioritize performance over everything else really.”

He had no trouble doing that on Tuesday night, in front of a crowd of scouts from opposing teams. Cease quieted Reds hitters for 3.1 innings, giving up one run on two hits with 8 strikeouts.

Cease also acknowledged that performances like Tuesday’s could convince other GMs to meet the White Sox’ asking price to acquire him.

“Yeah, I think the way I’ve pitched this spring has probably increased (the chances of a trade) a little bit,” Cease said. “I’ve been really locked in. It really just depends. I think if we’re in a spot– assuming I’m still with the team– where at the deadline we’re either in first or hunting for first, I could see me not getting traded. There’s obviously the business side where in a lot of scenarios (a trade) would make sense.

“But crazier things have happened. Nothing’s written in stone.”

In addition to the Rangers, Rosenthal pointed to the Yankees and Padres as potential trade destinations for Cease.

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