Twitter Explodes at News of Aaron Judge Re-Signing With Yankees


New York awoke to some good news -- Aaron Judge is reportedly sticking with the pinstripes. As for those on the West Coast, who thought they could lure the California native home, consider this payback for Kevin Durant ruining the 4th of July for every Oklahoman.

The news of Judge's contract -- worth $360 million over nine years -- has obviously set Twitter ablaze. From fans celebrating to commiserating to being downright floored by the sheer dollars involved, the reactions are all over the place.

Let's start with the money.

The contract is the third-most for total money and average annual value (AAV) in Major League Baseball. For perspective, that shakes out to $23 ... a second.

What's even more shocking is that there was reportedly more money on the table from teams around the league. I guess when you're talking hundreds of millions of dollars, it's all the same for Judge.

Yankees fans don't seem the least bit fazed by that financial commitment, rather just soaking in the moment.

Justin Tuck gave Judge a simple welcome back. Tuck, a former defensive end with the New York Giants, ended his career in the Bay Area but has since resettled on the East Coast.

The Yankees' stiffest competition to keeping Judge has long been the San Francisco Giants. Judge -- and his wife -- both grew up outside the Bay Area and the Giants seemed to offer him the opportunity to return home at the age of 30.

Jon Heyman, baseball insider for the MLB Network, even reported yesterday that "Arson Judge" appeared to be joining the Giants. He since deleted that tweet and followed it up by saying that the Giants hadn't heard anything for Judge themselves, but the superstar's name proved to not be the only erroneous part of that report.

Judge was also spotted wearing Mike Evans' Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey earlier this week. While Judge is arguably one of the most impressive athletes of this generation, there wasn't much concern that he would be leaving the diamond for the gridiron.

Nonetheless, Evans was flattered to hear that "his guy" was repping his number.

While there's still a lot of details to work out, the Yankees are no doubt looking to roll out the red carpet for their record-setting slugger. USA Today's Bob Nightengale reported that Judge is expected to be named a captain, the famed-franchise's first since Derek Jeter in 2014.

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