Jake Burger

Jake Burger ‘would love' to participate in the MLB Home Run Derby

Julio Rodriguez and Mookie Betts are reportedly interested. Could Burger join them in the batter's box in Seattle?

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The White Sox will send one player to participate in the 2023 MLB All-Star game, per MLB rules. And that player will likely be Luis Robert Jr., based on his performance at the plate and his stalwart play in center field.

Could the Sox send another player to the festivities, via the home run derby?

Jake Burger offered up his big bat services to the competition verbally on Friday.

"I would love to do the Home Run Derby," Burger told the Chicago Sun-Times.

If chosen by MLB, Burger already has his pitcher lined up.

"Growing up, my dad has always thrown me [batting practice]. That would be a dream come true that I could take him as my BP thrower. We’ve had that thought since I was 10 years old," Burger said.

This season, Burger has 16 home runs on his résumé --- good for t-14th in MLB. His teammate, Robert Jr., has 18 home runs. He has cracked the top ten with that number.

Burger has four more home runs this season than Rodriguez and two less than Betts, both of whom are reportedly interested in joining the Home Run Derby. It's not a competition to see who gets the most home runs, when it comes to entry. But seeding in the derby is determined by the number of homers the players have pre-All-Star weekend.

Eight players will be chosen to participate. MLB depends on players volunteering, or gently asking some of the game's biggest stars to partake in the competition. Rodriguez will most certainly earn a spot as one of the league's most tantalizing players, and considering All-Star weekend takes place at his home field in Seattle.

Last season, Juan Soto won the competition amid trade rumors as the Aug. 1 trade deadline neared. He dodged a post-competition about his interest in other teams, celebrating his derby victory.

The purse for the competition is $2.5 million, based on a 2019 ramification. The winner takes home $1 million.

In batting practice this season, Burger has caught the eyes of his teammates, showing off his ability to drive the ball out of the park. Gavin Sheets confirmed Burger 'puts on a show' during BP and advocated for his participation.

Burger declared he doesn't ever manipulate his swing to hit home runs, but would probably put a little extra mustard on his swings in the home run derby, if he was selected.

"I don’t feel like I have to manipulate my swing to hit home runs in BP," Burger said. “Maybe when the lights are a little brighter, I might try a little harder. But I think I’ll just keep my own swing and let the rest take care of itself."

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