Pedro Grifol

Pedro Grifol calls loss to Cubs ‘toughest loss of the year'

The White Sox skipper didn't hold back his feelings about the Cubs walking off the White Sox

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The Cubs mercilessly walked off the White Sox with a three-run walk-off home run, courtesy of Christopher Morel.

The White Sox owned a commanding, 3-1 lead heading into the ninth inning. They gave the ball off to Gregory Santos, one of their most formidable arms out of the bullpen and recently named the team's interim closer.

How did he get bested?

"He got beat on a fastball," Grifol said. "It was 99.5 or whatever it is. He's got two pitches that get people out. Anytime we got (Gregory) Santos in the ninth with a 3-1 lead, I'm good."

Santos got Morel 1-2 in the count with two runners on base. But a sinker that drifted into the middle of the zone cost the 23-year-old right-hander, as Morel sent that ball into the right-center field bleachers.

Morel raced around the bases, tearing his jersey off before jumping with a pile of his teammates to the tune of an electric crowd at Wrigley Field. It was a simply depressing scene for the White Sox on the North Side.

What makes the loss tougher was the momentum they built from Tuesday. The White Sox performed a fantastic game, defeating the Cubs, 5-3, when they least expected it.

The Cubs swept the White Sox before the South Side held a sale at the trade deadline, trading two starting pitchers, four relievers and Jake Burger. They certainly expected to walk all over the White Sox on their home turf.

But the South Side showed up on Tuesday. You could feel the energy from the White Sox. They wanted to take back the losses they endured in July to the Cubs.

But Morel ruined it. The White Sox had the momentum in their favor, but the youngster ripped the rug for underneath them.

"It's a tough loss. Toughest loss of the year, in my opinion," Grifol said.

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