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White Sox place Mike Clevinger on waivers: reports

All 29 teams have the ability to sign Clevinger to their team

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The White Sox placed Mike Clevinger on waivers, according to a report from The Athletic's Ken Rosenthal.

Does this mean Clevinger is off the team?

Not necessarily. Teams have 47 hours from the time the White Sox placed Clevinger on waivers to claim him.
If a team claims Clevinger, the White Sox have no power to revoke his waiver placement, sending him to whichever team wins the claim.

If no team claims him, then the White Sox can either release him, or they can keep him and attempt to place him in the minor leagues. Clevinger can, in that case, opt to become a free agent, for which the White Sox would remain on the hook for the rest of his salary.

In all likelihood, if another team claims Clevinger, the White Sox will probably let the claim go through. Playoff and fringe postseason teams are always in dire need of extra arms, and Clevinger has been reliable enough this season to make a case as a backend starter.

The White Sox signed Clevinger in December 2022 to a one-year contract worth $12 million. In January, he was accused of domestic violence and child abuse, which MLB investigated and found no clear evidence of wrongdoing.

This season, Clevinger holds a 3.32 ERA through just under 100 innings and 18 starts on the mound. He's struck out 85 batters and walked 38 this season.

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