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Who owns Guaranteed Rate Field, Chicago White Sox stadium, and why it potentially matters

Reports of the White Sox looking for a new home have drawn comparisons to the Bears expected departure from Soldier Field

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Reports that the White Sox are seriously considering a site for a new stadium sent a stir through Chicago on Wednesday night and Thursday morning. According to the Sun-Times, the team has looked into building a new home at “The 78,” a 62-acre development in the South Loop of Chicago owned by Reliable Midwest.

Unsurprisingly, the report has drawn comparisons to the Bears and their search for a new home. The Bears bought Arlington Park last year and shared a potential plan to develop it into a multi-use site that included hotels, apartments, bars, restaurants and of course a stadium.

Part of the big draw for the Bears to leave Soldier Field is that they’ll finally have an opportunity to own their own land. From a pure business standpoint, it’s an incredible opportunity. The Chicago Parks District owns Soldier Field and they lease it out to the Bears.

The White Sox are in a similar situation. The Illinois Sports Facilities Authority owns Guaranteed Rate Field, and they lease it out to the White Sox. The team’s current lease at GRF runs through the 2029 season.

It’s unclear if Reliable Midwest would sell off a portion of their 62 acres at The 78 to the White Sox, like the Bears bought Arlington Park. If not, the White Sox would likely have to sign a new lease even if they moved a couple of miles north to The 78. Reliable Midwest donated land for the construction of the University of Illinois’ Discovery Partners Institute, so they have given up some of the property in the past.

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