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Charles Barkley clowns Bulls with brutal remark after Thursday's loss

Charles Barkley shared his lowly thoughts of the Bulls after Thursday's 15-point loss to the Clippers

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There's plenty of criticism for the Chicago Bulls this season as the the team struggles to earn a spot in the 2024 Playoffs.

For every step the Bulls take forward, a step backward soon follows, as was the case with Wednesday's electric overtime victory in Indianapolis followed by a 15-point loss to the Clippers on Thursday.

The Bulls currently sit in ninth place in the Eastern Conference at 32-35. TNT analyst Charles Barkley had some harsh words for the team as they continually fail to scratch the .500 mark this season.

"Let me tell you something, the Bulls couldn't win March Madness," Barkley said Thursday. "They'd be a No. 4 seed."

March Madness, of course, is the premiere NCAA basketball tournament.

Barkley clarified that he was joking after some pushback from Kenny Smith and Shaquille O'Neal, who scoffed at the claim.

The Bulls are nowhere near the worst team in the NBA this season, but they're certainly closer to floor than they are to the ceiling of elite contenders.

With upcoming games against the Wizards and Trailblazers, the Bulls will look to pad on two more wins before facing the 10th-seed Rockets and 52-14 Celtics next week.

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