Space Jam 2 trailer is out and fans are finding easter eggs


The Monstars are the Goons. Swackhammer is a diabolical Don Cheadle. The Tune Squad is a hyper-nostalgic superteam of LeBron James' creation.

The "Space Jam: A New Legacy" trailer is here:

The sequel to the Michael Jordan-starred "Space Jam" is set to hit theaters July 16, and, if nothing else, it looks like a ride. The crux: LeBron James (possibly in cartoon form) has to assemble a squad of some of history's most notorious fictional characters and compete in a basketball exhibition to "get his son (Dom) back."

And perceptive viewers are already spotting easter eggs.

Like Lola Bunny recreating the iconic Dwyane Wade-to-LeBron alley-oop picture:

Or Klay Thompson -- human-torch style -- and Diana Taurasi cameos:

Plus... The Clockwork Orange and Mad Maxx guys in the ensemble?

Given the mission statement of the movie -- throw as many fan favorite characters against the wall and see what sticks -- there's surely many more. The finished product should be fascinating this summer.

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