Briggs: Nobody gets booed more at home than Bears in Chicago


As the Bears suffer through their worst stretch of the season, tempers have run hot in Chicago, from the players to the fans.

Brian Urlacher was anything but happy to hear a downpour of boos at Soldier Field during the Bears' loss to the Packers Sunday. When asked about the criticism of head coach Lovie Smith, Urlacher said he doesn't care about the fans and believes the Bears get booed more at home than any team in the NFC North.

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Not surprisingly, that reaction did not go over well with Bears fans.

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Now Lance Briggs is getting in on the action.

While taping The Lance Briggs Show Tuesday night in the CSN studio, the Bears linebacker backed up his teammate.

"I understand where he's coming from," Briggs said. "I've been here a long time, too and I've heard a lot of boos. For a lot of the wrong reasons. Nobody, on any team I've seen, gets booed more at home than here in Chicago.

"That's also a point to the passion of the Chicago fans. Everyone is passionate, but everyone in Chicago doesn't know how to run a football team. Everyone doesn't know how to play professional football. It's our job to do that."

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