ARob upset about tweet saying Bears wanted Nagy fired


Allen Robinson is not happy that his name got dragged into rumors that the Bears are starting to tune out head coach Matt Nagy.

In the moments between the heartbreaking loss to the Ravens, and the shocking report that the team was set to fire Nagy following their Thanksgiving game, there was another tweet which created quite a buzz around the city.

While that’s a juicy report on its own, it carried even more weight considering Schultz’s connection to Robinson. Over the summer, Schultz and Robinson co-hosted an NBA playoffs podcast, and given that relationship, people made the obvious leap that Robinson was one of the Bears who told Schultz there was unrest among the ranks at Halas Hall.

“Stuff like that is very tough,” Robinson said. “Definitely is. It's tough because obviously, me and him having a podcast, putting me in a very vulnerable situation and stuff like that. That conversation, it was definitely had.”

Robinson said he had no input into the tweet and said when he and Schultz have spoken, it’s been purely about basketball. He also made sure to say that if he had anything to say, he’d say it himself.

“You guys know me. Anything that I wanted to get across has come from me, and it'll always be that way. It'll never change. Anything I want to get accomplished, I want to say, I'm a grown-ass man. I can get stuff done myself.

“I have my social platforms. I have my own voice. I sit in front of you guys every week and talk. There's nothing I ever need to hide behind someone else to get out there.”

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