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‘Might be tough:' Caleb Williams has thoughts on what his Bears jersey number will be

What number will Caleb Williams don for the Bears? The answer isn't as simple as you think

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UPDATE: Caleb Williams' official jersey number with the Chicago Bears has been revealed. Latest update here.

DETROIT -- Caleb Williams strolled down the red carpet Thursday night ahead of the 2024 NFL Draft in a custom Chrome Hearts suit alongside his mother and girlfriend.

Williams called his suit a "one of one." But while Williams divulged every inch of detail about the suit made to commemorate an achievement 12 years in the making, he was coy about what number he will wear for the Bears once they make it official and select him as the No. 1 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Asked if he would wear number 13 for the Bears, Williams smiled and deferred that number to wide receiver Keenan Allen.

"If it was the Bears, I couldn’t tell you," Williams said with a smile. "Because if I went there, there’s a 13-year Hall of Fame vet. So that would be tough. But yeah. We’ll see."

The Bears acquired Allen from the Los Angeles Chargers for a fourth-round draft pick in March. Allen has worn the No. 13 for his entire career, while Williams wore 13 in college but donned 18 in high school.

Williams reflected on his journey as he strolled down the red carpet toward a lifelong dream. He talked about the sacrifices he has made and those others have made for him.

Thursday is the last day Williams will wake up without the phrase "No. 1 overall pick" attached to his name.

But that reality hasn't hit him yet.

"It felt like a normal day," Williams said. "I have prepared mentally for this moment, to go No. 1. It’s on my phone screen. It’s on my mind quite often. So to now be in this moment, I prepared for it. I’m happy. I’m excited. But I’m also ready."

As for what tomorrow will feel like, Williams will think about his first day as the Bears' franchise quarterback when it arrives.

"I'm just living in the moment," Williams said. "I'm in the moment."

It's a moment neither he nor the Bears will soon forget.

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