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Bears haven't won a game since Elon Musk bought Twitter (X)

They're the only NFL team that hasn't won under Elon's direction with Twitter (X)

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The Bears are knees deep in a 13-game losing streak.

It's the longest active NFL losing streak and the longest skid in Bears franchise history. It's not the longest streak in NFL history; it's not close, either. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost 26 games in a row in the 1970s.

But, to emphasize the degree of this losing streak, may I present to you a harrowing graphic.

It's true.

Elon Musk finalized his purchase of Twitter --- now 'X' --- on Oct. 27, 2022. The Bears' last win was against the New England Patriots on Oct. 24, 2022.

It's the "Musk Curse" --- if you will --- for the Bears. They're the only team in major sports to have not won a game in that time frame.

This weekend presents the best opportunity the Bears will get to win a game. They face off against the Denver Broncos at home, who are also winless this season. Last week, the Broncos allowed the Dolphins to score 70 points --- three points from an NFL record --- against them.

Can the Bears snap this losing streak and earn a win under Musk's direction?

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