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Did the Chicago Bears change their logo?

Fans discovered a big change to the Bears' logo in the team's official brand guidelines. Here's what it means

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The Chicago Bears threw the football world for a loop last month when fans discovered a crucial change to the team's primary logo.

According to the organization's official brand guidelines, the Bears now list the mascot head as the team's primary logo, while the wishbone "C" is listed as a secondary logo. Previously, this was reversed, with the wishbone "C" listed in the guidelines as the primary logo and the mascot head as the secondary logo.

This led to speculation that the Bears would be re-designing their uniform and field with the mascot head.

Here's what we know about the switcheroo:

On Aug. 19 the Bears confirmed in a statement that the organization did, in fact, swap its primary and secondary logos. The team made it clear, however, that the change was strictly semantic.

"The Bear head has been a co-primary mark for many years," the Bears said. "It is unique to the Chicago Bears brand. This minor change simply provides clarity for retail, media, and other team and league partners to start the creative process with the Bear head."

The team confirmed that it will retain the traditional "C" on players' helmets and at the 50-yard line.

A spokesperson for the Bears also stated that the minor change is unrelated to the team's potential move out of the city of Chicago.

The wishbone "C" logo has been a staple of the franchise since 1962, and the team has kept the same structural uniform design for the last 50 years.

Even though the team put the hoopla to rest, fans still had fun letting their imagines run wild with custom redesign edits featuring the mascot head logo on helmets and painted on the field. We even compiled some of the best ones we saw from fans.

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