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Hall of Fame quarterback Kurt Warner breaks down Justin Fields' tape

Kurt Warner breaks down Fields' game against the Buffalo Bills from last season.

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Kurt Warner, a Hall of Fame quarterback, broke down Justin Fields' tape against the Buffalo Bills on YouTube.

In this particular game, Fields completed 15-of-23 passes for 119 yards and one touchdown. He rushed seven times for 11 yards and earned a quarterback rating of 92.5 -- seven points higher than his season average. The Bears lost this game, 35-13.

Warner picked on two developing characteristics Fields must work on this offseason: timing and accuracy.

The Hall of Fame quarterback critiqued plays where Fields failed to get the ball out quickly. On the same plays, his footwork needed cleaning up to better enhance his accuracy. For reference, Fields has a career completion percentage under 60 percent, which isn't a singular indictment on his accuracy, yet a point to make about its room to grow.

Warner highlighted how well Fields performs outside the pocket. He has a strong knack for delivering the ball on the move and, obviously, he puts stress on any defense when he's in a threatening position to run. Fields rushed for 1,143 yards last season, the second-most by a quarterback in a single season in NFL history.

As Warner prefaced at the beginning of the video, it's difficult to analyze Fields' tape entirely due to the lack of support he had last season. The wide receiver core and offensive line group were both arguably at the bottom of the NFL's respective cohorts.

Nevertheless, Warner pinpointed two visible facets of Fields' game he needs to work on this offseason. Can Fields make the necessary jump in Year 3 to bolster the Bears' offense?

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