Justin Fields

Justin Fields shows speed, humorous side during mic'd up Bears practice

The Bears mic'd up Justin Fields for an entertaining practice

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The mics are on at Halas Hall. Everyone watch your language!

* insert Lucas Patrick

The Bears mic'd up Justin Fields for practice at Halas Hall; the content didn't disappoint. Fields saved some jokes during practice for the mic and showed off his lightning speed toward the end of the video.

He took his shots at the defensive backs.

"You said we have never yet scored on y'all?" Fields said. "I don't know if you're right about that one. Y'all DBs play 80 yards back, you feel me? Y'all play to the goal line?"

Fields helped Cole Kmet wear his helmet cap properly.

"I feel like if it was lower in the front you'd be straight though. You got too much forehead showing with that."

Him and the other quarterbacks have a comedic breakout chant.

"Yeah, we icy, we're going for that ring. We about to go golf, let's go to the swings."

And finally, to pump up Bears fans for the season, they have a clip of Fields sprinting. According to a conversation directly after with Kmet, Fields hit 20.8 miles per hour. Fields mentioned he hit a faster clip in a game last season.

"I'm not fast right now though," Fields said.

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