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NBC's NFL analysts gush over Justin Fields, plead Bears to keep him

Mike Florio and Chris Simms explain why the Bears should keep Justin Fields

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The Justin Fields train keeps adding more passengers.

As the season winds down, the Bears quarterback has everyone on his side. The players are steadfast supporters of his play. The fans chanted their desire to keep him at quarterback last game.

But all that doesn't matter. Does the Bears organization believe in him enough to keep him? NBC's Mike Florio and Chris Simms say they should have faith in him and bring him back.

"Build the team around him," Florio said. "They have an opportunity to dangle that No. 1 overall pick that they already got from trading down last year with the Panthers last year to get a haul of picks, more lottery tickets. Build the team around Justin Fields. And Justin Fields is gonna get better as the players around him get better."

The Bears are faced with the ultimate, franchise-altering decision, whichever path they decide to take.

As Florio said, the Bears have the chance to trade down from the No. 1 pick again. They did so last year and earned a haul in return. They got the No. 9 pick (Darnell Wright) a 2023 second-round pick (Tyrique Steveson), a 2024 first-round pick (No. 1 pick, again) a 2025 second-round pick and DJ Moore from the Panthers.

And recent reports suggest the Bears can expect a package similar, if not better, than the one they received last season. The Bears might even have the chance to trade down their pick and acquire Marvin Harrison Jr. to support Fields in the passing game.

Wow. That's tough to decline.

But Simms offers more. He believes Fields will become the franchise cornerstone the Bears need to take them to the next level. He sees the improvements Fields has made and urges the Bears not to give up on them.

"Justin Fields is getting better right in front of our eyes. It's happening," Simms said. "... He's grown as a passer. He's grown as a player in the pocket. The way he sees the field."

Simms also commended the offense, tipping his cap to Luke Getsy for his design since Fields' return.

"It's not the same offense now. They got it rolling."

Simms is certainly drinking the Kool-Aid.

The Bears have won five of their last seven games. On Sunday, they closed out their home slate by winning their last five games. They finished 5-3 at home this season thanks to much-improved play on both ends of the football.

"They've been arguably one of the best teams in football," Simms said. "They kicked the crap out of the Cardinals, who kicked the crap out of the Eagles. They're beating everybody. I wouldn't mess and touch a thing in Chicago right now."

I don't know about all that from Simms, but Fields is certainly improving.

A recent film breakdown from "The QB School" would suggest Fields has shown tangible improvements. Former NFL quarterback J.T. O'Sullivan pointed out several strong, improving points of Fields' game, including: improved accuracy, sneaky ball fakes, and further progression on reads.

Simms would agree with that assessment.

"He's a special runner. He's become a better thrower," Simms said. "Luke Getsy, the offensive coordinator, I love the offense. They've got a very good offensive line. They've got it all, Mike. They really do."

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