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NFL insider reports interesting findings about Caleb Williams' character

According to ESPN's Field Yates, he hasn't heard anything negative concerning Caleb Williams' character

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In the debate about whether the Bears should keep Justin Fields or draft USC's Caleb Williams, questions of the USC quarterback's character and leadership are a prominent talking point in the grand discussion.

But ESPN's Field Yates put his foot down on those claims recently on ESPN 1000.

"I gotta be honest with you guys, I think some of it has been unfair to Caleb so far," Yates said on the character criticisms Williams has received. "I haven't heard anything from anybody that's been in that program, or that's been around that program, scouting Caleb Williams in person.

"I can't say that I've spoken to every NFL scout that's been through the USC campus. But nobody I've spoken with has told me 'His character is such a concern that you need to be investigating it night and day until the draft.' As a matter of fact, nothing even close to that.

"Honestly, I don't think character is like a red flag, or leadership is a red flag for Caleb Williams at all."

The concerns about Williams' character weren't surfaced for no reason. Some pundits were concerned about his leadership at USC. After losing to Washington, Williams cried in the stands while his mother covered his face. He's also been seen playing with painted nails, which some turned into a cry about his toughness and ability to lead men.

The closest concern that's come from Williams' leadership department is the celebrations his team did during the Holiday Bowl. Some of his teammates can be heard yelling "We're finally a team" after scoring a touchdown. Williams didn't play in that season-finale game.

But, alas, it doesn't appear there is much concrete evidence to support Williams' lack of character.

In a separate interview on 670 The Score, Williams' high school coach Randy Trivers joined the show to talk about Williams' character. He debunked all of the rumors about his character, leadership and toughness.

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When asked about the crying incident after USC's loss, Trivers referenced a 3rd & 33 play, when Williams helped lead Gonzaga High School to a victory in what's considered one of the greatest high school football games ever. Trivers said he'd rather have a player cry after the game than during the game.

"If anybody that's ever played with Caleb Williams, or coached Caleb Williams, you know very clearly that toughness is not an issue," Trivers said.

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