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Peter King ‘wouldn't be surprised' if the Bears made a change following a loss to the Commanders

NBC Sports' NFL Insider gives his two cents on the Bears' horrid 0-4 start to the season

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The Bears are in deep waters.

An 0-4 start --- and a loss to the Denver Broncos --- has pundits prognosticating change on the horizon. If the Bears keep losing, who's to say change isn't in line for the Bears?

"You cannot lose 14 games in a row and hang on to your job," Peter King said on 670 The Score when talking about Matt Eberflus. "I would not be surprised if it's a bad loss Thursday and the Bears make a change. Just wouldn't be surprised."

It's been a meltdown at Halas Hall.

Everything has seemingly gone wrong for the Bears this season. Let's recap.

They opened up the season with an 18-point loss to the Green Bay Packers, surrendering nearly 40 points at home. It was the outsiders' first look at the team. And it included elementary offense, lack of effort and poor football all around.

During Week 2, the Bears kept it close with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Down three points in the fourth quarter, however, Justin Fields threw a four-yard pick-6 on account of three straight screen pass calls from Luke Getsy.

No surprise the following week. Taylor Swift's presence was the bigger storyline, in front of the Bears' 31-point loss to the reigning Super Bowl champions. Not before, however, the Bears announced Alan Williams resigned from his position as defensive coordinator, leaving fans sorely confused about his untimely departure.

Then, heading into their home game against the Broncos --- which they insufferably lost --- the Bears asked Chase Claypool not to attend the game as a healthy scratch. They announced he will not be at Halas Hall this week leading up to their Thursday night game against the Commanders, either.

It's been a nightmare for the Bears. But do they have the gall to call it quits on Eberflus, or anyone, in the middle of the season? Remember, the Bears have never fired a head coach in the middle of the season.

"You can't say just because we've never done something that we will never do it," King declared. "I don't know how things get much worse than they are around the Chicago Bears right now.

"I don't think Kevin Warren, or Ryan Poles, or the McCaskey's are going to say 'Well, we've never done this before so we can't do it.' They're going to look at their team and say 'Have we ever lost 14 games in a row before? I don't think so.'"

Seems everything is on the table for the Bears. And a Thursday night loss to the 2-2 Commanders could be the coup de grâce for any number of people in the organization.

Simply, because, well ...

"It's not working," King said.

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