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‘The QB School' reviews Justin Fields' preseason performance

J.T. O'Sullivan breaks down the tape from Fields' preseason game against the Tennessee Titans

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Justin Fields came out of his first preseason game perfectly. He went 3-for-3 for 129 yards and two touchdowns, earning a perfect 158.3 QBR score.

Though, there were adjustments that need fixing before he hits the regular season. For all you heavy Fields perfectionists out there, The QB School YouTube channel broke down his tape from the game in this video. The breakdown is excellent.

O'Sullivan first patted Luke Getsy's back for the play calls. He started Fields with some easy, short-yardage plays to get him easy completions. Luckily, one of them turned into a 62-yard touchdown from a DJ Moore screen.

O'Sullivan mentioned two fixes from Fields on that play. One, Fields could've adjusted his stance to make the throw easier. Two, Fields' throw was on the back shoulder, forcing Moore to shift back to catch the ball before running. Accuracy is crucial on these throws, even if he's throwing it without gripping the laces.

Then we got to the Khalil Herbert touchdown. O'Sullivan smartly warns the Bears of an ineligible receiver downfield. Cody Whitehair and Ja'Tyre Carter were very close to being penalized.

O'Sullivan points to Fields having an effect on a possible ineligible receiver call, too. Fields pump-faked before actually getting the throw to Herbert, when he could've thrown it the first time.

The video is extremely well-detailed and informative on Fields and the Bears' offense.

You can't look too far into these things, though. The takeaways should be centered around the Bears' explosive offense and the relief fans should have felt that players not named Justin Fields had a massive impact. O'Sullivan summarized it perfectly toward the beginning of his video.

"Obviously, nice to have days like this. Enjoy them. Onto the next," O'Sullivan said.

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