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Venerable ex-NFL scout rebukes negative Chase Claypool narrative

Greg Gabriel believes the Bears are invested in Chase Claypool and simultaneously excited for his upcoming season.

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Last week, narratives started rolling in about Chase Claypool and the Bears' rumored displeasure with his on-and-off-the-field mentality.

Not to select ESPN's Waddle & Silvy out of the multiple reports surrounding this narrative, but Marc Silverman reported his findings on the air.

"All I can tell you is it isn't trending in a way that the Bears have wanted it to trend in this offseason," Marc Silverman said on the radio. "I have heard from a few people inside that building that he is not somebody who is very self-motivated. There's a long way to go. Chase Claypool can change the narrative."

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Recently, one NFL scout took to debunking the rumors around the Bears receiver.

"If you have listened to the coaches and players in their press conferences during OTAs and mini-camp, you have heard nothing but praise about Claypool," ex-NFL scout, Greg Gabriel, wrote for the Windy City Gridiron. "If you have listened closely to all the different pressers since Poles and Flus have been here, they let it be known when they have a problem with a player.

"They don't throw him under the bus, but they let it be known that they expect more. With Claypool, there has been none of that, just positives."

It's true, as Gabriel pointed out, that the Bears have only shown praise for Claypool this offseason. Luke Getsy, wide receivers coach Mike Tolbert, and Justin Fields have all uplifted Claypool this offseason.

One thing they admire is his tenacity in catching up with the offense. The Bears traded for Claypool at the trade deadline last season. He was immediately thrown into the offense without the proper training. That led to an unproductive, 10-catch, 140-yard 10 games for Claypool.

This offseason, most expect Claypool to catch up with the offense and become a catalyst for the Bears' offense. He's living under a mountain of pressure, though, considering Ryan Poles traded the No. 32 pick in the previous draft for Claypool. Yet, still, Poles doesn't regret that trade, mentioning to Gabriel that he doesn't regret the trade.

"He [Poles] added, "If I had the chance to do the trade all over, it would take me about five seconds to say yes," Gabriel wrote.

The narrative about Claypool's work ethic and mentality spread like wildfire. Meanwhile, the Bears have stood by their receiver, offering up countless amounts of praise and gold stars for his efforts this offseason. Tolbert mentioned Claypool usually sticks around Halas Hall longer than necessary to watch film.

Unfortunately, one factor that could have ignited the rumors is the "soft tissue" injuries Claypool experienced lately, as Matt Eberflus characterized them. Any believer in the narrative could be sent further into believing the rumor after hearing about an unspecific injury he endured during minicamp.

As aforementioned, his teammates and coaches stand by him this offseason, though.

"Chase has improved tremendously from the end of last year to now," Fields said on May 23. "That’s one thing I’m truly proud to say, seeing his work ethic, his attitude change. You can just see he’s taking another step, so definitely excited for that."

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