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Bears vs. Broncos predictions: Will Justin Fields turn things around?

Russell Wilson and the Broncos lost 70-20 last week. Yet oddsmakers have them favored against the Bears… at Soldier Field.

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This Sunday’s game between the Bears and Broncos does not project to be the game of the week, considering each team will enter the game with an 0-3 record. But somebody’s gotta win, right? Theoretically the two teams could tie and each remain winless on the year, but that’s unlikely– and who wants to predict a tie anyways? We’re picking winners and losers here, so scroll on to see how the Under Center podcast crew thinks the game will go.


I honestly believe that this is a get right game for Sean Payton and his new team the Denver Broncos. The Broncos defense has been horrible, but with the Bears inability to stack positive plays I believe the Broncos defense will bend, but not break. Russell Wilson and his tandem of pretty good wide receivers should have a pleasant day.

Broncos 28, Bears 20


I know the Broncos gave up 70 points last week. That has no bearing on this week’s game. The Bears don’t have Tyreek Hill, Devon Achane, Raheem Mostert, or Mike McDaniel. They might be able to exploit some of the same weaknesses, but I’ve yet to see the Bears make any notable adjustments this season.

You want adjustments? They might want to start with spoon-feeding the ball to DJ Moore at every opportunity. A healthy dose of zone-reads should also be in order. Regardless, the Broncos have the coaching edge, the quarterback edge (this stings), and the protection edge.

The Bears also are banged up in the secondary and have yet to find any way to consistently get pressure on the quarterback. The Bears have to show me a pulse before I pick them to win.

Broncos 23, Bears 17


Everything in my head tells me I should pick the Broncos to win this game. The offensive line is down to one player starting in the position where he began training camp (Darnell Wright at right tackle). The secondary is decimated, with Kyler Gordon on IR and Eddie Jackson, Jaylon Johnson and Josh Blackwell all ruled out with injuries of their own. That could leave the team with two rookies at cornerback, two second-year players at safety and a third-stringer at nickel. The defensive line has been the healthiest unit on defense, but it hasn’t mattered. They only have one sack through three games, so don’t expect QB pressures to help that banged up defensive backfield.

On offense, Justin Fields played freer against the Chiefs but wasn’t any more effective through the air. He’s struggled to get anything going on the ground as well, and offensive coordinator Luke Getsy hasn’t done enough to counter the slew of spies opposing defenses have put on Fields to prevent him from reeling off long runs.

However, something in my guts tells me the Bears find a way to win this game, simply because they absolutely have to. They have a way to do it, too. The Dolphins dominated the Broncos last week and ran the ball for an incredible 350 yards. The Bears ran the ball pretty well in Week 3 with Khalil Herbert and Roschon Johnson, but they fell behind so quickly that they had to abandon the run somewhere in the second quarter. Things shouldn’t get out of hand against the Broncos and that will give the Bears an opportunity to get back to their 2022, chew some clock and move the ball. If not, well, I’m not sure anyone will be able to pick the Bears to win a game for the rest of the year.

Bears 20, Broncos 17

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