Don't worry, ESPN's First Take would be happy to discuss the Tom Brady-to-the-Bears speculation


You know it's been a bad week when a players-only meeting to clear the air isn't even the lowest point. You get thumped by the Saints' backup offense at home, say what you need to say, and move on to beating a Chargers team that's similarly desperate, right? Wrong! So wrong! The low point this week came when someone at ESPN assigned a whole block of First Take to discussing the Bears' quarterback issues.

The episode featured speculation about Tom Brady's future with the Patriots beyond 2019. Stephen A. Smith thinks the 42-year-old is going to Tennessee?

 Then, with a deft touch that few in the industry can match, Kellerman found himself at this conclusion, immediately. 

"That’s a team with tradition, only one Super Bowl, always been missing a quarterback. They have an offensive-minded head coach and a vicious defense. 

.. What team makes the most sense? Do you believe in Trubisky? I do not. If I were the Bears and I thought I was ready to win now, I’d grab Brady for a season."

It's a fine opinion! First Take isn't trying to hide what it is, and Kellerman wouldn't be on the show if he wasn't aware and on-board with the style of punditry his (many) viewers are looking for. Be careful what you wish for, Bears fans; he loves himself some Brady Takes. You all nod enthusiastically now, but when Tom only throws 21 times (Nagy ran the ball!!) next October in a loss to the Lions, Kellerman's not going to be making any friends in Chicago. 

This is why people invest so much time and money into quarterback development. You roll the dice on someone and if it goes well, awesome! And if it doesn't go well, it affects every phase of your football team and you have to hear about it in the tire shop waiting room. 

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