Live Blog: Bears-Seahawks on Monday Night Football



It's Week 2 and our Live Blog is arguably more live than ever. The Bears once again find themselves playing on primetime, under the lights, which is spectacular for the page views. The Seahawks are in town and both teams are looking for their first win of the season. Khalil Mack and Allen Robinson are making their Soldier Field debuts. Roquan Smith might get his first NFL start? Things are happening, friends. 

As always, J.J. Stankevitz and John Mullin will be your eyes and ears from Soldier Field; give 'em a follow. Lorin Cox's tweets are also worth your time. 

4th Quarter

1011 PM - Seahawks went legit like 99 yards in 20 seconds to score but there are 14 seconds left so WHO CARES NOT US NOPE

1005 PM - Not now injury bug not now:

10PM - The Bears defense is probably the best unit that's ever played organized sports ever. Danny Trevathan forces a fumble and the Bears fall on it. Maybe that's the winner? Maybe? MAYBE:

10PM - TOUCHDOWN BEARS. Prince Amukamara takes it to the house with a pick-6 and hoo boy they needed that. Bears 24, Seahawks 17:

945PM - Bears O can't get it done and please please please Khalil you are so needed here. 

926 PM - A wild Jordan Howard appears! And then Trubisky to Anthony Miller for a BEARS TOUCHDOWN. EVERYTHING IS GREAT AGAIN! Bears 17, Seahawks 3:

3rd Quarter

910PM - We're officially back in This Game Is Boring territory, fwiw again. 

905 PM - We'll throw some love for the O-line in here: 


9PM - 

that's all

2nd Quarter

845 PM - well here's something to lift your spirits? maybe? 

840 PM - Seattle kicks a 53-yard FG that's good or whatever and the first half ends at BEARS 10, SEAHAWKS 3. 

830 PM - The Bears had a few clean shots at the end zone with a minute to go in the half, but alas, touchdowns can be difficult. FG IS GOOD. Cody Parkey nails it and it's Bears 10, Seahawks 0. 


818 PM - Khalil Mack with a forced fumble. It's a weekly tradition! Everybody drink

812 PM - Another INT from Trubisky. And by the time this stupid sentence is published, the Seahawks' offense aeady got themselves into a 3rd and long situation.

Literally also 803 PM - Somehow the Bears defense ALREADY got another 3-and-out. It is hard to update a live blog in 3 plays. Please clap.

803 PM - Bears drive ended as Trubisky's deep ball gets intercepted. Some of his throws tonight have been ... suspect. 

800 PM - and right on que this happens! you are welcome for clearly impacting the game:

756 PM - Consider this your first This Game Is Kinda Boring? warning

1st Quarter

745 PM - Bears going to the read option a lot during this drive - once on third down and again on first down of the next set. ANALYSIS

735 PM - TOUCHDOWN BEARS. Trubisky shovels it to Trey Burton and the Bears are on the board. Bears 7, Seahawks 0. 

730 PM - Trubisky leading *quite* the opening drive here. Some completions to Allen Robinson, some nice casual 22 yard scrambles. Our hearts are full. 

721 PM - Seahawks grab a first down but the drive stalls out at the 50, and all universe punter Michael Dickson pins the Bears inside the 5.

717 PM - Bears kickoff and we are underway in Chicago. Roquan Smith officially starting.


700 PM - pssst you can stream the game right here with a free trial if streaming the game with a free trial is up your alley. 


550 PM - Inactives have arrived! 

515 PM - Khalil Mack is mic'd up tonight, insert that right into our veins: 

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