Packers players nod to Rodgers' Ayahuasca use in TD celebration


Although Bears fans may have hoped some of the Packers touchdowns were a hallucination Sunday, it appears this unusual end zone celebration was in fact real - and may have been a nod to quarterback Aaron Rodgers' unconventional offseason that sparked headlines.

The odd scene unfolded after Rodgers threw a pass to Allen Lazard in the second quarter of the game at Lambeau Field.

Shortly after the pass, several players celebrated by putting their hands out as Lazard pretended to pour something into them. Then, several players fell backward to the ground.

Many fans on Twitter were quick to point out the potential reference to Rodgers' highly-publicized use of ayahuasca.

But while some players acknowledged the potential reference, others chose to keep things a bit more tongue-in-cheek.

Rodgers discussed on "The Aubrey Marcus Podcast" last month how he went on an ayahuasca retreat to Peru in 2020, before the third of his four MVP seasons. Ayahuasca is defined as a psychoactive beverage native to South America and is often used for religious, ritualistic or medicinal purposes.

Rodgers said on the podcast that the retreat gave him "a deep and meaningful appreciation for life" and added that "I came back and knew I was never going to be the same." Rodgers said he believed the experience helped pave the way for his success that year.

Officials said use of the hallucinogenic drink during an offseason retreat isn't considered a violation of the NFL's drug policy.

The Packers went on to beat the Bears 27-10 on Sunday night.

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