NFL new uniforms for 2024: Tracking all the updated looks across the league

The Jets, Lions, Broncos and Texans have unveiled new uniforms for the upcoming season.

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The NFL offseason is all about change.

Players are traded, signed and released. Coaches are fired and hired. College athletes join the league via the draft and free agency.

And then there's the uniforms. Not all teams change their looks in the offseason, but there are several switching things up this year. From total rebrands to reimagined classics and throwbacks, there's no shortage of new threads hitting the field in 2024.

Here's a roundup of all the new NFL uniforms for the upcoming season:

New York Jets

The Jets kicked things off by unveiling their new uniforms -- which actually take a page out of their old sets.

Dubbed the "Legacy Collection," the team has new green, white and black jerseys and pants with green and black helmet options. The Jets' new logo is a refresh of their iconic "Sack Exchange" era look from 1979-89.

The white uniform option debuted last season, infamously on opening night when Aaron Rodgers tore his Achilles.

Here's a look at all the new uniform combinations for New York:

Cleveland Browns

The Browns are following in the Jets' footsteps by bringing back a classic look.

Cleveland reintroduced its traditional uniforms in 2020 but the helmets from their 2015 redesign remained. Next season, they'll go back to their glossy finish orange helmets with white facemasks -- a subtle change from the matte orange helmets and brown facemasks.

Detroit Lions

The Lions were the next team to show off their new look.

Detroit introduced its last new uniform set in 2017, but the team is already switching things up again.

The team is keeping its traditional Honolulu blue and white jerseys while bringing back a black alternate set similar to the one used from 2005 to 2007. After removing black from the color scheme and drastically altering the number font in 2017, the Lions' new look harkens back to their uniforms from earlier eras.

There are three pants options for the Lions -- gray, blue and black. They added a blue facemask to their traditional silver helmets, then added a brand new blue helmet to pair with the black alternate set.

Here's a look at all the new uniform combinations for Detroit:

Denver Broncos

In the second year of the Sean Payton era, the Broncos got a makeover.

Denver had rocked the same uniforms since 1997 -- and they had plenty of success during the run. After winning the Super Bowl in the first two years of the uniform, they again lifted the Lombardi Trophy in 2015. But that was the last time this franchise even made the postseason.

The new look is a full redesign, with orange primary jerseys, a white primary away set and an alternate navy top. There are navy and white options for the pants and helmets, with the white lid pairing with the alternate navy jersey.

Moments after releasing the new look, the club unveiled a classic throwback to 1977 -- an orange jersey, white pants and the blue "D" helmet.

Here's a look at all the new uniform combinations for Denver:

Houston Texans

DeMeco Ryans, C.J. Stroud and the Texans shocked the league last season when they returned to the postseason for the first time since 2019. Now, they're getting a fresh look for the first time in franchise history.

There are four unique new uniforms -- including four different jerseys, three different pants and three different helmets. All three helmets feature matching logos on each side and a different logo on the back.

The home navy blue and away white jersey pair with the traditional navy helmet with the Texans' primary logo on each side. Those jerseys can be worn with the navy blue or white pants.

Then, there's an all-red alternate set that includes a new helmet with a bullhorn-inspired design on each side and the primary logo on the back. And finally, the city-inspired color rush uniform pays homage to Houston. It features a navy blue helmet, jersey and pants with light blue and red accents and a brand new "H" helmet logo.

Here's a look at all the new uniform combinations for Houston:

New York Giants

For their 100th season, the New York Giants are throwing it way back.

The club unveiled its "Century Red" look, which features tan pants and striped socks from their inaugural 1925 season, red and blue jerseys from 1933 and winged helmets from 1938.

Here's a look at the unique throwback uniforms, which will be worn twice this season:

Jacksonville Jaguars

Moments after the Jets shared their new uniforms, the Jaguars got in on the action.

Jacksonville didn't give us any actual jerseys or helmets, but they teased a throwback look in a video that ended with their original logo being shown:

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